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Abe's Market

Abe's Market is a fast growing e-commerce company focused on the explosive natural and organic products market. Abe’s leverages its growing network of sellers, buyers and experts to drive growth.

Naturals and organics market
In the US in 2012, there was over $100bn in natural products sold in North America and the EU, with $36bn in natural/organic product sales at retail – up 7% from the year before. Currently, most sales are split between Brick-and-mortar natural grocers, such as Whole Foods or local stores and, to a lesser extent, large online-retailers such as Amazon and There are also a small number of online specialty sites such as EcoMom and ShopOrganic. Abe’s Market aims to take significant share through its strong brand, dedication to natural products, convenience, large selection consolidated in one place, and through creating a lifestyle-focused site.

Abe's position
Abe’s is focused on buyers who identify high quality natural products as part of their lifestyle. Innovative offerings like enabling customers to sample new products and share purchases online with friends have helped open new avenues for high user engagement. Meanwhile, Abe’s seller base has also grown dramatically and, by the end of 2013, over a thousand active sellers hosted nearly 12 thousand products on the site.

Co-founder Richard Demb launched and built Popcorn, Indiana, a brand that changed how consumers buy popcorn at retail and grew to be a $30M business in 4 years. Co-founder Jon Polin spent 10 years in consumer marketing and at Fortune 500 companies rising through the brand management ranks at Clorox and CapitalOne.

Accel Partners (Facebook), Index Ventures (Skype), Carmel Ventures, Mistral Equity Partners, Beringea, Bearing Capital