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$357,500 invested

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Nextpeer has developed a wildly successful platform that allows any iOS developer to easily integrate a first-class multiplayer experience into their games.

By using Nextpeer's SDK, developers monopolize all the cutting edge functions that exist in building multiplayer games. Nextpeer instantly adds a positive new social dimension to mobile games. This is achieved due to a customizable user interface, top player-to-player ascetics, and complete coverage in synchronous and asynchronous games.

Developers’ benefit from Nextpeer's multiplayer functionality through significantly increased player engagement, cross promotion, and increased propensity for gamers to spend money in game.

Nextpeer has stated the ability to integrate their SDK in “as few as ten lines of code”. This may be the reason that since its launch in July 2011, Nextpeer has grown to a network of over a thousand Developers and over 1500 games and rising in the iOS AppStore (updated in May 2013).

Using Nextpeer, players can instantly start playing with random people or friends, invite others to the game through the web or Facebook and enjoy a whole new multiplayer experience.

In 2012, NextPeer received an initial round of funding from various private investors.

On February 20, 2013, TechCrunch cited NextPeer's growth at over 100K new users per day. 

Visit Nextpeer online at: