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Tapit has developed a cloud based NFC (Near Field Communication) platform that enables global brands and consumers to connect. 

Tapit’s product
With Tapit, users place their NFC-enabled phones over a “tag” which may be embedded in a number of different locations. The Tapit system retrieves the content matching the unique tag and the content is then delivered to the mobile phone. The content that can be delivered is very diverse and is specifically customised to the client’s specifications, meaning it can be used to deliver campaigns including the distribution of vouchers, loyalty schemes, product information, video content, app downloads and many more.

In addition to the immediate value of connecting with potential customers, brands are afforded a range of reporting and analytics tools. Consumer brands are increasingly evaluating new and innovative ways to reach consumers and this data can assist these organizations in targeting and understanding consumer patterns.  

Recent developments and growth
Tapit has already enabled numerous campaigns for well-known brands including Telstra, Coca Cola, Samsung, Unilever, Clear Channel and Vodafone. Additionally, the company has a very strong relationship with JC Decaux and Clear Channel. Its base of potential users is also growing rapidly, as over 300M NFC enabled phones are in circulation globally, forecast to grow to 850M by 2015.

Jamie Conyngham, CEO and Co-Founder has over 25 years’ experience in technology and 9 of those as CEO in international mobile content start-ups. 

OurCrowd investors backed Tapit with $1M in late 2012.